The Water Castle by Megan Frazer Blakemore

There is a reason this book was in the finals as a Global Read Aloud pick; it is a brilliant story.  So brilliant that I took it with me to class today and tried to sneak in reading it, yes really.  Part mystery with a dash of fantasy and yet also grounded in realistic fiction, the characters are easy to relate to, the story is fast-paced and the ending is complete.  I connected with Ephraim and his urge to fit in as the new boy and the genuine mystery of the water urged me forward.  I just wish the cover didn’t look so old fashioned, I have a feeling some kids will steer clear until I remind them to give it a chance.

Bottom line:  I cannot wait to get this in the hands of my 5th graders!

From Goodreads:
The story of a boy whose family has moved to his mother’s family estate in a small town in Maine to help his father recover from a stroke, and a girl, whose family have been the caretakers of that home for over 100 years, and how they work together to solve the mystery of the Fountain of Youth that their ancestors spent their lives searching for, and that just might save the boy’s father.

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