View From the 32nd Floor by Emma Cameron

There is no denying that I am a huge fan of Emma Cameron, an Australian writer extraordinaire, and so when she sent me a copy of her book ( yes, sent me all the way from Australia!) I couldn’t wait to read it.  I had loved her first book, but knew that it dealt with too mature of a subject for my 5th graders so instead she sent me this book.   And what a sweet tale it was.  It follows Williams as he views his neighbors from his own window on the 32nd floor of his apartment building and how his reaching out to others helps transform the lives of many.  Quick, compelling and easy to relate to this big tale in a short book is one that I will gladly share with all of my 5th graders, and indeed, already have.  We all have many lessons to learn from William.

Bottom line: Any 5th grader would enjoy it who loves good stories about friendship and helping others.

From Goodreads:

Something special has been gifted to you. Join your neighbours, Saturday, 6.00 pm, on the roof. Living on the thirty-second floor of an apartment block, William has a clear view of the building opposite. He sees his neighbours eating ice-cream, watering potted palms, painting pictures … or as shadows behind closed curtains. Shadows worry William. With his new friend Rebecca, and helped by lots of cake, a dictionary of names, tai chi, and banana-shaped sticky notes, he plans to tempt his lonely neighbours back into the world. Can they succeed? Always always.


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