Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

I am in the midst of reading this fun book based on Ella’s recommendation.  You have to love when a child rushes up to you and tells you you have to read a book, so here is why Ella thinks you should read it.

I recently finished the book “Flora & Ulysses” by, Kate Dicamillo and it is my new favorite book! Its about a girl named Flora and she sees her self as a cynic with reading and loving her super hero comics but with divorced parents. One day she was sitting at her desk and she looked out her window and her neighbor, Tootie was getting pulled by a vacuum cleaner called the Ulysses 2000x that was about to vacuum up a squirrel. Flora runs out side and the squirrel she noticed the squirrel is dead. Flora saves the squirrel and unusual things start to happen, the squirrel can lift the vacuum cleaner with one hand (one paw). Flora takes the squirrel in and names its Ulysses and she wonders can Ulysses understand me, what else can he do, is he a super hero, if he is who’s his villain? Have you ever seen a squirrel that can type magnificent poems or fly, better yet a squirrel super hero? If you haven’t hears your chance to experiencing one only if you read “Flora & Ulysses” by, Kate Dicamillo and you can read about all the amazing adventures Flora and Ulysses come across and concurring troubles, only reading the best book ever “Flora & Ulysses”.

Please comment where you are from 🙂

Sincerely, Ella


One thought on “Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

  1. Hi Ella,
    I am from Upstate NY and I teach 4th grade. I too read Flora and Ulysses. I did like the book but sometimes I don’t LOVE books the way my students do. I thought the book was fun but not a favorite of mine. I did suggest it to a student of mine and he LOVED it. Perhaps I will ask him to respond to you when we get back from Thanksgiving break. I am glad to hear you liked the book.
    Keep Reading,
    Tara Ciotoli (Ms. C to my students)

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