The Twisted Window by Lois Duncan

I was surprised that I had never read a Lois Duncan book before.  Little did I know just how many books this author has published and so when I saw This book up for grabs on Netgalley I figured my chance had finally come.  First of all, this is an easy read.  The book is filled with action, I do admit to a little bit of skimming in some of the longer conversations, but overall the story moves at as steady pace.  Secondly,  it certainly also grabs you right away and leaves you wondering what will happen next.  And yet, I wanted a little bit more.  I liked the book but I won’t say it is my most favorite read of the year.  The characters seemed a little too stereotypical and like I said I found myself skimming a little bit.  But this book was entertaining and definitely something I could see most f my more mature 5th grade readers breeze through.  I do know now that I will probably chekc out more of the author’s books.

From Goodreads:

Tracy, a high school junior, becomes embroiled in the problems of a strange boy, who asks her assistance in “snatching” his half-sister from her father who has allegedly kidnapped her.




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