The Boy on the Porch by Sharon Creech

When the third student had told me to read “The Boy on the Porch” by Sharon Creech, I was pretty sure this was a must read.  When an Amazon gift card magically appeared in my account, I knew what I had to purchase.  And when the book arrived today, it’s beautiful cover beckoning me to just start reading it, I knew this was a keeper.  I read this story in 40 lovely minutes today and now I want to reread it.  It is that good.  While simple in its nature, the message and theme that it unveils is moving and thought provoking.  Once again Sharon Creech has created a must read and add for any elementary classroom.  Perhaps this book will show up in the Global Read Aloud 2014?

Bottomline: A must add to any classroom.

From Goodreads:

When John and Marta found the boy on the porch, they were curious, naturally, as to why he was there-and they didn’t expect him to stay, not at first, but he did stay, day after day, until it seemed as if he belonged, running and smiling and laughing his silent laugh, tapping and patting on every surface as he made his music, and painting-with water, with paint, with mud-those swirly swirls and swings and trees.

One day a young couple wakes to find a boy asleep on their porch. Unable to speak, the boy cannot explain his history. What kind of person would leave their child with strangers? All they know is that they have been chosen to care for this boy. And as their connection to him grows, they embrace his exuberant spirit and talents. The three of them blossom into an unlikely family, and John and Marta and the boy begin to see the world in brand-new ways. 


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