I Can’t Wait For the Next Book – My Favorite Incomplete Series for 5th Grade and Up

As yesterday’s post shows, I am avid series reader.  Unfortunately that also means that sometimes there is a lot waiting around for the next book to come out.  So which series are my students and I eagerly awaiting for the next book to come out in?  (Most of these are appropriate for 5th and up, I will mention if not).

Dissonance by Erica O’Rourke is one of my favorite new series that I discovered last summer.  For some reason though most people have not heard of it, so therefore, you must take my word on it; this is an incredible book.  This does have relationship stuff in it, but should still be okay for 5th graders.  I am excited to see that my wait is almost over when Resonance gets released July 22!

I have loved Cinder and the entire Lunar Chronicle series since I discovered it several years ago and so have my students.  Marissa Meyers is a genius when it comes to her story telling and character development.  With her twist on beloved fairy tales set in i science fiction future, she knows how to pin a compelling tale for boys and girls alike.  Luckily most of the books in the Lunar Chronicles series are out with only the final one, Winter, being released in November.

I just read Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard as my 80th book for the year and it was an amazing way to finish my first year in 7th grade as a reader with this book.  With it’s battles, love, and page turning action I couldn’t put it down, as you can see in my review here.  The only downside is that it was just released in February, so who knows how long we will have to wait for the next one?

The Iron Trial by two of my favorite authors, Cassandra Clare and Holly Black, was one of our favorite reads this year.  I commiserated with a few students about how long we have to wait for another.  The book reads like a darker version of Harry Potter in some ways but with plenty of twists and turns to keep you hooked.    The good news is that The Copper Gauntlet comes out September 2nd.

The Amulet Series  by Kazu Kibuishi is another gateway book for many of my most reluctant readers.  Whenever a child tells me they hate reading I give them the first book and it has never failed, they usually come in the next day clutching this graphic novel and asking for the next one.  Those of us who have been reading this series knows that there have been incredibly long waits between all of the books, and I am definitely awaiting the release of book 7 as are many of my students.

Which books can you not wait for?

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