2 New Amazing Picture Books #BookADay

Oh picture books, how would the pworld be without you?  I was incredibly lucky to be gifted two amazing picture books this week and immediately fell in love with both of them.  The first one is Wall by Tom Clohosy Cole

The Berlin Wall is something that have discussed with students in the past and so I love that this picture book will be the perfect opener to the conversation.  It’s sparse words and rich illustrations really mesmerized me and will do the same for my students.

From Goodreads:

A young boy and his mother and sister were separated from their father when the Berlin Wall was built between East and West Germany. This story shows the family’s struggle as they try to cross the wall so they can be together again. This spectacular book is based on true stories about the Berlin Wall. Powerful illustrations teamed with an emotive storyline make this an impressive tale of triumph over adversity.

You and Me

The other book, You and Me, by Susan Verde and illustrated by the insanely talented Peter H. Reynolds was given to me by Peter.  Or Peter’s friend, Terry since Peter was in a meeting when I went to see the Fablevision booth.  Every time an author hands me one of their books I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  The fact that they think I will cherish and love their book is humbling.  And he was right, this book is beautiful both in message and in illustrations.

From Goodreads:

You and Me is a loving tribute to how fate brought two best friends together. An adorable cat muses about the what-ifs in life: What if he had slept late that one special morning? What if he’d missed his train on that fateful day? Then he might never have met his favorite person in the world, and his entire life would be different!


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