Review – Booked by Kwame Alexander

I was one of the incredibly lucky people to receive an advanced review copy of the new Kwame Alexander book Booked at NCTE.  I loved The Crossover.  My students love The Crossover.  In fact, The Crossover was a Global Read Aloud finalist last year.  So I knew that the very first book I had to read upon arriving home was Booked.

And I was not disappointed, it is hard to be when it is Kwame Alexander, but I did not love it as much as The Crossover.  Perhaps it was the slightly repetitive nature of the story (family problems, sports references, a crush on a girl) or perhaps my heart doesn’t gravitate toward soccer references as much as it does basketball.  Whatever the case, I liked it, just that, but my students love it.  So if you are looking for a book to add that you know will be read by many.  If you are looking for a book to give next year  for students 4th grade and up, I would recommend this book.  It will be read and loved by many students.


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